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and now for something completely different

After sobbing a little while Skyping into the Shad Bay Christmas party last weekend, I have pulled up my bootstraps. I’ve decided to find a balance between being a little bit (!) homesick for the Christmas I know and being excited about creating an alternative, for the time being.

it's pretty great.

The images running through my mind are of my gigantic family, the Muppet Christmas Carol, mountains of food (an 11kg turkey this year, according to mama won-ton), the unofficial HGS reunion, cruising around town with Will, tobogganing in the Shad, and nuzzling my favourite canine companions.


What I have to look forward to is a fun Christmas Eve at the store (with fellow Christmas orphans BKidd and Silly), the extravagant Christmas day brunch that I’ll be making myself while videoing myself into Christmas morning at Casa Johnson, a noontime yoga class with Karlito at One Yoga, and a potluck dinner at my house, incorporating everyone’s favourite holiday treats and traditions.


Plus a package of surprises from home.

And, of course, it’s yet another time of year when I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life (many of you have received cards and letters from me this week expressing just that – if you haven’t, it’s probably because they haven’t arrived yet OR because I actually ran out of envelopes).

the photo that brought me out here in the first place.

I also know how lucky I am to have been granted the opportunities that I’ve had over past few years. (And every year.) As my mama would say, I seem to have a horseshoe up my ass. (Thanks, mom.)

sitting in a beauty of a coffee shop with my tunes and some fresh wool, rolling it into balls for upcoming projects.

Happy pre-Christmasing, all of you! If you have a few spare moments this weekend, please Skype with me. I’d love to see your faces.



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my first love story

I am missing home today. I love you guys!

me and Boogs

“The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you,

not knowing how blind that was.


Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They are in each other all along. ”

– Rumi

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sometimes the blues is just a passing bird

This is my favourite song of the year thus far:

On the subject of The Tallest Man On Earth, Anthony once told me, “Liz, I’m sorry, but I’m not into that Swedish Bob Dylan guy that you like.” But I love him shamelessly. (Anthony is okay, too.)

the party, appropriately called "March SHADness".

morning-after-party stroll through the enchanted forest, complete with bards

Anyway, after an intense weekend of goodbye partying in Halifax and a few days of rental-Jeep cruising around Vancouver with my ma, I am basically installed in my new home.

spring on the west coast

It hadn’t really hit me yet until I said goodbye to my mum last night on her way out, but… holy sh*t, I’m really here. I really did just move across the country by myself. (Well, to be fair, I do have some company out here.)But it was a bit scary. I haven’t started working yet, so I woke up this morning and asked myself, “what shall we do today?”

old faithful

When in doubt, find something delicious to eat, of course. I picked up my bicycle from the shop (yes, it has a basket and yes, I look totally awesome riding it), and cruised around a bit. This was interesting because a) I am not used to being in a city where cycling is encouraged through convenient infrastructure and b) I had forgotten about those particular muscles that one uses to bike uphill. I have to manifest that they will come back. Inshallah.

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a long time gone

dog-walking in Point Pleasant Park

This year has been so good to me. 2010 was the year of Liz – does anyone remember me proclaiming that as we entered the year of the Tiger, my lucky #10, the year my age would turn into the beautiful number 24? As we entered 2011, and I was surrounded by declarations of “I’m moving on from this @#$%^&* year!”, my work was to manifest that 2010 was not THE best year of my life, but just the start of something spectacular.

I choose you.

At the Landmark Forum, which I had the privilege of attending in January in Montreal, we talked about the difference between “deciding” and “choosing”. Deciding is about weighing the pros and cons of each option and going with the option that has the most benefits. “Choosing” is actively dedicating your conviction to an option, even if it’s the only option, and MAKING it the right choice. You say, yeah, THIS is what I want.

Smoked meat + pickle + cherry coke = yes.

So I’m choosing that. Don’t get me wrong – my life is pretty amazing, and I know how lucky I am that my options are all really lovely. My friends are supportive and inspiring. I can wake up every day and choose to be happy and to feel fortunate, and so every day is wonderful.

I'm certain that summer's my season.

That being said, obviously the month of February is inspiring me to look back on my 2010 – the Cool Global Sporting Event in Vancouver (the best job of all time), yoga teacher training in Byron and a subsequent year of yoga – practicing and teaching, possibly the best summer  ever, including daily swims, a really excellent love, and getting to wake up in Shad Bay and see the ocean from my pillow.

Ah, nostalgia.

So, I’m pleased to announce the next chapter: I’m leaving for Vancouver in a month! I’ll be moving on to another lululemon adventure, a new(ish) city, a new community, and the opportunity to create something really exciting for myself all over again. I’m envisioning lots of bike rides, yoga, photos, blogs, friends, playing outside, and opening my big heart to find even more joy and creativity. (Can you even picture that?)

West coast beginnings.

I’ll be sad to leave my home, but that’s the thing about home – it’s going to be there when I need it next.


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The newest addition to the Shad Bay zoo – four hens and a rooster!

chickies at home

their coop

best day of my life

Just a little taste. Thanksgiving weekend is sure to bring with it some delicious treats and outdoor adventures. Giving thanks.

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nose to the grindstone

Hey kids,

My attempt at a consistent blogging effort seem to have failed, at least moderately. BUT I just started a tumblr page on which I can share random bits of information (, if you’re tumblr-inclined, and I just wrote a blog for lululemon about my Australia trip! Read it here.

family breakfast

Life is good on the lululemon front – fall is such a transitional time, with people coming and going, and a new energy blows in on the wind. I’ve been making videos like it’s my job (oh wait…), and managing the online community efforts, like facebook and Twitter. (And really trying to enroll people into the Foursquare scene – it’s like a real-life game! Gahhh.) Tomorrow, I’m leading an EIT (Educator In-Store Training) for a few new hires with Sarah, which I’ve never done before. I remember how exciting my EIT was, though, so I’m looking forward to getting them all psyched up about this cool company.

enchanted forest

Windy, blustery Vata season – mind scattered and in need of grounding. That’s something I’ve certainly been conscious of in my yoga practice. Stay low, connect with the earth. Breathe deeply. I’m teaching my regular 3 classes at 108, and I’m so happy there. I see familiar faces often, which means that people are, in fact, returning to subsequent classes, and I’m feeling more confident every week.

new friends

Also… Shad Bay is a dream. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m so lucky. The universe is unfolding as it should.

my brothers are good-looking.

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the homestead

Holy cats! Where does time go?

It has recently been suggested to me that I might continue to update this even in my “normal” life. (Thanks, Tim..?) And, I mean, I have taken some beautiful photos, and my normal life IS pretty incredible, really. So without further ado…

birthday prayer flags from Belle, now in mama's backyard

SO, since I’ve been back, I’ve been teaching like mad. (Well, for me, anyway!) I’m at 108 Yoga at least three classes per week, including the wonderful TGIF class on Friday afternoons, which is bundles of fun.

Court and the two new kitties - Mohican and Kairo

boathouse festivities in the Shad

I’m also super lucky to be teaching a few classes at Pura Vida Yoga & Kayak in Shad Bay – and I’m even luckier to be living out here! WITH Jannine, Court, Greg, three cats and a gaggle of pups. Oh, life.

Kim's tie-dye birthday party

I really feel like it’s summer, this year. There have been patio parties and tons of lake swims, and old friends have returned to Halifax, if only for visits. I feel re-rooted and recharged.


Peggy's Cove adventure

Some dear ones have taken off, as well. Kimba, my hubbo dearest, has taken an awesome job in Ontario, and is now living outside of Toronto, getting kids excited about taking Eurotrips with a company called MEI. She’ll be putting her creative mind to wonderful use, so I’m totally excited for her! But devastated that she’s no longer by my side.

dancing warrior

toes :)

Cat’s off to Mozambique, after a last-minute call from Canada World Youth, and I can’t wait to follow those adventures from afar. (And I’m sure my heart will pine for Madagascar… for something completely different.)

Long Lake carnage

Lael made pie!

And so… I practice, I breathe, I play outside, and I try to appreciate these sweet summer moments.

late night Cows ice cream with loved ones

I’m living from my heart right now. It feels good… and full.

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