giving thanks



Today, as I wait for a gigantic spaghetti squash to roast in my oven, I’m reeeeeally feeling the gratitude. I’m cozied up in my beautiful apartment, sunshine pouring in, after an energizing morning yoga practice and a leisurely and delicious breakfast (and a whole french press of coffee).

I’ll narrow it down. The first thing I’m grateful for is my health.ImageTHIS is a big part of santosha for me – being personally responsible for my wellbeing, investing time in my yoga practice and lots of sleep, and investing some dollars into the best food for my bod. Is there anything more important? (Thank you to Dara, for being my role model when it comes to this.)

I’m grateful for my teachers.

ImageMaybe not the most flattering photo of Ryan, but a good indication of the joy he brings into every room. I’ve developed in my practice and in the rest of my life through the teachings of Reno, Ryan, and so many others – and, of course, from that little teacher who lives in my heart and my mind. Sometimes that one is the hardest to listen to, but she usually teaches me the most profound lessons.

I’m grateful for the beautiful planet and the places I’ve explored this year.

ImageAdventure is out there! I’ve managed to chase down a few, on both coasts, and a few more in Thailand. I’m grateful for Noah, who is always up for another one, and who has been my best guide on this side of the nation.


ImageThese are just a few of the people who have been on my journey this year – every one of them has lit a little spark in me, and has reassured me that I’m on the right path. I’m giving thanks for my family, most of whom are far away, and my pseudo-family, who are all over the world and also here in Vancouver. I know how fortunate I am to love my job every day, and to be inspired by the people who work alongside me.

Anyway, you get the idea. I count my blessings every day, but today it seems particularly appropriate. I’m off to pack up my squash and scoot it over to Michelle’s place, where I will feast with several other beautiful friends – all relocated East Coasters who make me feel a little closer to home.

Big love!


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  1. Liz, you never cease to amaze me….Your post brings tears to my eyes….As a parent, I wonder in amazement at the person you are & what you contribute to this world in beauty & spirit. I feel Blessed & Thankful for the sons that I have, but realize the joy your mother must feel in having a daughter such as you. I feel honored that you are a part of my life & that you have inspired me & continue to do so in more ways than I can count. You inspire others to be a better version of themselves, at least that is what you have done for me…..Happy Thanksgiving Liz….Blessings & Love to you this Thanksgiving weekend & Always….

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