and now for something completely different

After sobbing a little while Skyping into the Shad Bay Christmas party last weekend, I have pulled up my bootstraps. I’ve decided to find a balance between being a little bit (!) homesick for the Christmas I know and being excited about creating an alternative, for the time being.

it's pretty great.

The images running through my mind are of my gigantic family, the Muppet Christmas Carol, mountains of food (an 11kg turkey this year, according to mama won-ton), the unofficial HGS reunion, cruising around town with Will, tobogganing in the Shad, and nuzzling my favourite canine companions.


What I have to look forward to is a fun Christmas Eve at the store (with fellow Christmas orphans BKidd and Silly), the extravagant Christmas day brunch that I’ll be making myself while videoing myself into Christmas morning at Casa Johnson, a noontime yoga class with Karlito at One Yoga, and a potluck dinner at my house, incorporating everyone’s favourite holiday treats and traditions.


Plus a package of surprises from home.

And, of course, it’s yet another time of year when I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life (many of you have received cards and letters from me this week expressing just that – if you haven’t, it’s probably because they haven’t arrived yet OR because I actually ran out of envelopes).

the photo that brought me out here in the first place.

I also know how lucky I am to have been granted the opportunities that I’ve had over past few years. (And every year.) As my mama would say, I seem to have a horseshoe up my ass. (Thanks, mom.)

sitting in a beauty of a coffee shop with my tunes and some fresh wool, rolling it into balls for upcoming projects.

Happy pre-Christmasing, all of you! If you have a few spare moments this weekend, please Skype with me. I’d love to see your faces.



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2 responses to “and now for something completely different

  1. Ohhh dear Liz, I wish I could transport you here for a Boxing Day get together with my 2 amazing sons (one of whom I believe you know)!! I spent one Christmas away from home & I swore that I would not repeat that experience again even though all my Christmases past were not that amazing. Being with family either blood relative or through heart is what matters & I know that you will manage to do both either through video/skyping or in person. I will think of you on Christmas morning as I sip Baileys in my coffee & begin the dismantling of beautifully wrapped presents (something I actually dread doing, but I am weird).
    Your card lifted my spirits this season & I have kept it on my night table. It gives me comfort to know that out there in this vast expanse of a nation, there is one young woman who cares deeply for her fellowman. I believe that this world of ours has so much hope & promise because of young people such as yourself…..
    I hope your Christmas is all that I know you will make it….Joyous!!
    Love Always,

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