the science of life

First, a little summertime jam for you all, courtesy of Nick J.

Now. Vancouver is starting to feel like home (away from home?), and this is such an exciting time to be here. For all of my beloved East coasters – the Canucks being in the playoffs feels just like the Olympics did here last year. The whole city is cheering for the same thing, and it is joyful and bright blue and LOUD. Of course, lululemon is on board. Check the window I did for my store on Robson Street.

If you can't read it - the window on the right says "we're on a streak". Holler.

… and the massive outdoor yoga jam during morning rush hour traffic on the Burrard bridge. EVERY game day.

Yes, those are tinfoil Stanley Cups. Photo by Amanda Slade.

I’m in my groove now, and it’s a good one to be in. I’m a Keyleader at the Robson lululemon store, and though I spent the first week or two sitting back in my seat a little bit to observe, I feel like I’ve now hit the ground running, and I’m so excited about where I’m going with it. Details to follow.

reconnecting in Vic

I was able to scoot over to Victoria when I had a few days off in a row last week to see my dreamy Hali-lulu friends Chelsea and Anna, who have also transplanted themselves into the West coast scene. We ate, we drank, we made merry, and I wandered alot through the sunshiny streets. I was also able to spend an afternoon with Noah, a friend from WAY back – we’re talking PSYL 2003. All grown up. (Check his bad-ass band here!)

I really do wake up every day and feel lucky. People laugh at me pretty regularly for saying “this is the best day of my life!”, but I love it. I mean, sometimes when I’m waking up at 5, it’s a little harder to see through the fog, but a coffee and a handstand clears that up pretty quickly. Speaking of which, the yoga in my life right now is unbelievable. I’ve found teachers who REALLY inspire me, in my teaching and in my own practice. (See One Yoga For the People for examples!) I miss teaching in Halifax, but I’m loving having time to go to 5 classes a week. Now I just need to figure out that balance…


Luckily for this redhead, blue and green are my colours. Photo by Sarah-Jane Steele.

Coming soon: my birthday. Picnic jam in Deep Cove. I’ll spread the word when I figure out some details. Bring your basket and your hacky sack.



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3 responses to “the science of life

  1. Love love love your life. So happy for you miss Liz.

  2. anniemac

    Can’t wait to come and experience it all with you,even if only for a few days! Miss you lots,every day. Lots of love ,biggest hug xo

  3. jamilathelorax

    Aug 17 – TBD (but at least 1.5 weeks). Are you in Van then? Please say yes, yes, yes! I’m thinking plans might involve a non-rotting, not-canvass tent. Happy to hear you’re having such an amazing time. xx Love J

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