an exercise in patience (or “the Vancouver epidemic”)

Since my last post, not much has changed, really. I am still in Vancouver, I am still feeling installed but not quite settled, and I still have not figured out the job situation. Never fear! Of the dozen old friends with whom I’ve re-connected on out here, I’d say no fewer than 50% of them are out of work at the moment. Apparently, it is a key stage of “The Van Experience.” Great.

my current office

This “vacation” means more availability for sleep-ins, brunches, bike rides, yoga classes and lengthy coffee outings. However, my money tree is not taking kindly to being transplanted into this muddy West Coast soil, and is soon going to stop providing. I’m not ready to fall out of love with lululemon yet, but I can only wait so long to figure this out before I have to start pursuing other options.

Claire - another Shad Bay roommate export

I did have my first sub class at Semperviva yesterday. This is a rather large family of studios in the city, with five locations and a serious army of teachers and students. I taught at the Sea studio on Granville Island, which is a beautiful lofty-type corner room with high ceilings and whole walls of windows facing the water. So dreamy. It felt good to be teaching again – to feel like I was giving something to someone, and that it was received joyfully.

cherry blossoms are the new snow

I think it’s normal for spring to be a changey-type time. Fresh starts abound. There are people and things and places that I’m missing dearly and trying not to think about so that I can be truly excited about what is laid out before me. I’m glad to have Ellen and SJ with me, as they are crossing these same bridges. Aaaand they like to eat, drink wine, and practice yoga, which helps. (One thing I can say for having no schedule is that I’m able to go to a yoga class every day, and am in fantastic shape.)

staying connected

It’s a good time to inject some discipline into my yoga and meditation practices. To observe and control the breath makes observing and controlling the mind much easier. My big heart is just about ready to shake off this initial sadness, delete the whambulance number from speed dial, and get back to its regular joyful self. Hallelujah!

so stop looking for it and just do it.


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