sometimes the blues is just a passing bird

This is my favourite song of the year thus far:

On the subject of The Tallest Man On Earth, Anthony once told me, “Liz, I’m sorry, but I’m not into that Swedish Bob Dylan guy that you like.” But I love him shamelessly. (Anthony is okay, too.)

the party, appropriately called "March SHADness".

morning-after-party stroll through the enchanted forest, complete with bards

Anyway, after an intense weekend of goodbye partying in Halifax and a few days of rental-Jeep cruising around Vancouver with my ma, I am basically installed in my new home.

spring on the west coast

It hadn’t really hit me yet until I said goodbye to my mum last night on her way out, but… holy sh*t, I’m really here. I really did just move across the country by myself. (Well, to be fair, I do have some company out here.)But it was a bit scary. I haven’t started working yet, so I woke up this morning and asked myself, “what shall we do today?”

old faithful

When in doubt, find something delicious to eat, of course. I picked up my bicycle from the shop (yes, it has a basket and yes, I look totally awesome riding it), and cruised around a bit. This was interesting because a) I am not used to being in a city where cycling is encouraged through convenient infrastructure and b) I had forgotten about those particular muscles that one uses to bike uphill. I have to manifest that they will come back. Inshallah.


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