the homestead

Holy cats! Where does time go?

It has recently been suggested to me that I might continue to update this even in my “normal” life. (Thanks, Tim..?) And, I mean, I have taken some beautiful photos, and my normal life IS pretty incredible, really. So without further ado…

birthday prayer flags from Belle, now in mama's backyard

SO, since I’ve been back, I’ve been teaching like mad. (Well, for me, anyway!) I’m at 108 Yoga at least three classes per week, including the wonderful TGIF class on Friday afternoons, which is bundles of fun.

Court and the two new kitties - Mohican and Kairo

boathouse festivities in the Shad

I’m also super lucky to be teaching a few classes at Pura Vida Yoga & Kayak in Shad Bay – and I’m even luckier to be living out here! WITH Jannine, Court, Greg, three cats and a gaggle of pups. Oh, life.

Kim's tie-dye birthday party

I really feel like it’s summer, this year. There have been patio parties and tons of lake swims, and old friends have returned to Halifax, if only for visits. I feel re-rooted and recharged.


Peggy's Cove adventure

Some dear ones have taken off, as well. Kimba, my hubbo dearest, has taken an awesome job in Ontario, and is now living outside of Toronto, getting kids excited about taking Eurotrips with a company called MEI. She’ll be putting her creative mind to wonderful use, so I’m totally excited for her! But devastated that she’s no longer by my side.

dancing warrior

toes :)

Cat’s off to Mozambique, after a last-minute call from Canada World Youth, and I can’t wait to follow those adventures from afar. (And I’m sure my heart will pine for Madagascar… for something completely different.)

Long Lake carnage

Lael made pie!

And so… I practice, I breathe, I play outside, and I try to appreciate these sweet summer moments.

late night Cows ice cream with loved ones

I’m living from my heart right now. It feels good… and full.


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  1. Tim

    Thanks for the update Liz, it was great, as usual. I’m glad all is well.

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