sunrise on the beach

I’m still working out how to process this information, but we’re done here.



This week has been about wrapping up evaluations, enjoying each other’s company, and soaking up as much of this “yoga” as we can.

attempting mandalasana

We had one last super dynamic class with John, in which all sorts of extraordinary events took place, such as John working me through some crazy backbends – think Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel) to handstand to crow. Hilarious. He was doing 65% of the work, but it’s such a rush.

Kate, before audibly popping her sternum


Friday was our closing day, and some of us (ahem) had a few tears at the closing circle as we shared some snippets of love and gratitude.

closing circle

Jbone on the djembe

Stephan, our meditation teacher and in-house therapist (ha)

After our feast and some photos, one by one, people started leaving the pack and venturing out. Sad and exciting, all at once. Goodbyes feel different this time. Just let the emotions come, without attaching onto them.

beautiful Zoe

John - the bossman

Jess and Kate

Kate, Jannine, Sarah, Dariush, Belle and I stayed on at Tallows Beach Friday night – went out for dinner in town to celebrate birthdays (mine AND Sarah’s!), and the brave ones (i.e. everyone except me) left the house at 3am on Saturday to hike up Mt. Warning for the sunrise. I fancied a birthday sleep-in. I got up at 9 (which sounds ludicrous – I’m a 5:30 girl, now), and went down to the beach to meditate my way into a new year.

good morning, 24

Jannine took the plunge and got inked in town! I was there for emotional support, though she needed very little, and it was such a riot. Dariush was there to make me a purple weiner-dog balloon friend, and Tom, the tattoo artist, sang bass to the Beach Boys. So wonderful.


By some strange coincidence (though, really, what is a coincidence, anyway?), my birthday lined up with the end of this course, the beginning of a whole new adventure, and a lunar eclipse. So, naturally, we gathered up our crystals and drums and skipped down to the beach for a bonfire. (My FAVOURITE birthday delight – flashbacks to Madagascar.)

birthday eclipse farewell fire

To charge up crystals, you’re supposed to wash them in sea water and let them sit in the moonlight overnight, so we made a little ritual of it as we watched the progress of the moon. (I swear, I’m feeling some strong vibrations from them this morning.)

soaking crystals in the moonlight

bam bam bam

So blissed out. We had to say goodbye to Belle and Dariush – the most daunting of my goodbyes. Such beautiful people, I’ve met here. Hoping that our paths will cross again.

And now, a rainy Sunday morning is a fitting scene for our departure from Tallows and Byron. We’re packed and Coolum-bound, where we’ll detox (an intense cleanse is in the works – details to come) and sauna and beach before flying back to Sydney on Friday. Jannine likens it to having a week off between war and heading home to your family – give it all time to sink in.

A bientot!



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2 responses to “buffer

  1. Kim

    So happy you had such an amazing adventure, now it’s time for the next one! (and to come back into my armmmssss!)

    And now for a song that is permanently etched into my skull…

    Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
    Merry merry king of the bush is he!
    Laugh kookaburra, laugh…


    happy belated birthday, and HAPPY TODAY birthday to Jbone:):):):)

    double love and double miss and triple SEE YOU SOON!!!!!


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