here and now

Another week gone, another tonne of rice eaten, another hot Saturday night drinking hot water with lemon and shooting for a 9pm bedtime. Ah, life.

We’re into assessments now, so we’re teaching in pairs instead of fours, and it’s GAME ON. Jannine rocked hers on Friday, and I’ve got mine coming up on Monday! Eep. The best part is that you don’t know which half – first or second – you’re teaching until you arrive at the studio.

Today, while half of the crowd was in the pre-natal yoga course, Kate and I hitched a ride with Sherry and Nisha out to Mullumbimby – it’s maybe half an hour away, and I MAY need to move there. It’s gorgeous rolling hills with farms and cows all over, and little pockets of rainforest with the sea in the distance. Such incredible energy.

Crystal Castle

We were headed to Crystal Castle, which is a park of sorts, full of beautiful gardens with statues of gods and goddesses, fountains, and, of course, crystals all over the place. It’s supposed to be full of healing energy, and I definitely felt strong vibes.


world's biggest hunk of rose quartz

I actually know almost nothing about crystals, but I learned a bit about different stones and what they can do for you, if you keep them nearby. Rose Quartz, for example, is supposed to bring love into your life – thus Kate’s fascination. And, it’s just soooo pretty.

beautiful Kate

We wandered around for a few hours and soaked up all sorts of ideas and energy, and I even bought a few different little stones to try under my pillow. Reports to follow.

Vishnu on Garuda


rose quartz for love... get on it.

Kate with Buddha

labyrinth for walking meditation

It was a gorgeous day, so Kate and I spent some time on the beach this afternoon, though the breeze was juuuust chilly enough to keep me out of the water. It’s amazing to me that a Canadian (and one who LIKES the cold, for that matter) can be so finicky about swimming in a place where the average water temperature is like 20 degrees Celsius. Shad Bay, get ready.

Marjo having a conversation with the sea.

beach full of dogs... and babes.

One week left, and I’m in denial. Missing you all! (Well, most of you – I don’t know who’s reading this thing. Ha.)

oh, Byron.


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One response to “here and now

  1. Kim

    One week?!! Be still my heart.

    p.s. that meditation labyrinth seems wicked!

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