bend over backwards… literally.

Hello thrill-seekers,

Our days are numbered, now, but are still in the same format – 6am practice, breakfast at 8, seminars in the morning, seminars and practice after lunch, and then meditation after dinner. Beach time whenever we can fit it in, cups of tea on the hour, and sometimes we even shower!
Some more photos for your enjoyment.

Ashlee and Ronai at lunch on the deck

Dariush's meditation pyramid - you can sit under it... or put it next to your bed. Strange things can happen...

We’re in the thick of Level 2 training now, which is reminiscent of Level 1, but with some slightly more challenging postures and without the initial new-group-of-people-uncomfortable-about-touching-each-other awkwardness. In short, it’s a riot.

handstand workshop with John - Ronai rocking it out.

Last weekend, we lucked out and hitched a ride with the lovely Belle into town for the markets.


It was a phenomenal sunny day, and the energy was beautiful. Families sitting in the grass, lots of wicked food stalls, incredible art, and, in typical Byron fashion, a high incidence of barefootedness. Ah, bliss.

Byron Market

visually delicious

Kimba - this one's for you.

We found some treasures – avocados, pretty dresses, some teeny cymbals that are used to delicately call people back from meditation, a japa mala and some feathers.

Jannine rocking out with her new cymbals in the back of Belle's van

We’re in such a routine here, and now that the end is in sight (though I try to look the other way), I’m wondering about my reintegration. Kate has been joking that, because we live in this bubble and spend so much time together, some social normalcies seem to have left us completely. Consider seeing an attractive fellow on the street in town and, rather than making that ever-so-effective brief eye contact as you pass by, you just can not stop staring, and the guy eventually looks away, clearly terrified, and walks quickly the other way. It’s happened.

adjustments and corrections class


We’re teaching in town at the studio a few times per week, still in teams of four, though, starting this week, we’re now teaching in teams of two, so we each get 40 minutes. Better! My biggest work is learning to contain my excitement and speak at a slower, more comprehensible pace. I find that remembering to breathe helps a lot.

cabin 1 = win

Jannine practice-teaching at Tallows

Much love from us!



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3 responses to “bend over backwards… literally.

  1. Kim

    Gahhhh! Hilarious. My favourite post yet. Everyone at the store is so pumped for you to get back (me especially!) Glad you guys are loving life out there :)
    We will have birthday festivities, outdoor fun, yoga and more yoga.

    Can’t WAIT


  2. Jeri

    Love reading your blog….you are living your best life….how I envy that……I believe if circumstances had been different, I would have lived that life, certainly wanted to…..
    I am biting the bullet and beginning my teacher training in August hopefully….I hope you will be around Liz…..Remember….
    Mi Casa Su Casa

  3. Anna

    ‘incidence of barefootedness’ – LOVE IT! haha love byron, love barefeet, love you! :)

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