a new home

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I promise it’s not laziness that keeps me from blogging. It’s mostly internet availability! But I have a slow connection here on Kate’s computer (thanks, Kate!), so although it took me two hours (yes, two hours) to load these few photos, here I am.

Feedback session after class

So, we’re teaching in town regularly now in teams of four – each of us takes a section of the class, and we share feedback at the end. It’s SO fun – I do get a bit nervous, but mostly excited. (I was told that I sounded like I was having SO much fun, but that I was maybe so excited that I spoke too quickly, which is challenging because – guess what? – I have an ACCENT.) Jannine and I are LOVING it. I’m actually teaching tomorrow morning! Yesssss.

LSD – from my understanding, it’s a dandelion soy latte (a coffee substitute, you might say), but here in Byron they decided to rearrange the letters to make it an LSD. Go figure.

In other news, we’ve moved! Trailer park no more. We’re now at Tallows Beach, which is stunning. the energy here is totally conducive to what we’re doing. It’s lush and green and inspiring, and the yoga shala looks out onto a courtyard with a Buddha statue in it. We are blissed.

The new homestead at Tallows


Kate, Jannine, Ronai and I are still living together, which is fantastic. We have too too too much fun together.

Me in my element

Tallows Beach, just over the dune, is our new playground. The following photos may make you slightly jealous – consider yourselves warned. It’s literally 40 seconds from our door, so we can go down on all our breaks. It looks like our goal of swimming in the ocean every day can finally be realized!

Post-breakfast swim

Tallows Beach – our front yard.

This week marks the end of the Level 1 part of our 2-part course, which means we have evaluations and stuff coming up on Friday. And then Level 2 starts on Monday, which means all sorts of new postures to study and start teaching. Chaturanga, welcome back into my life!

My practice is getting better and better here, obviously. We practice a few times a day, which helps, but often it’s just self-practice, which means there’s no teacher, unless they’re there to just come around and assist you. You just do whatever postures you want, whatever your body needs. That used to be really intimidating to me, but now that I’m learning to put them all together, it’s becoming blissful.

Kate and J

Missing you all! (Jannine sends her love, too.) I hope these photos make you smile. That’s all I seem to do around here.

Jannine in her element



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3 responses to “a new home

  1. Vay

    Jealous. So jealous. But to make you jealous, the 3rd largest buddha in the world is a 20 minute train ride from me, and the largest buddha in the world is a 2 hour train ride from me! I will endeavour to rub his belly when I eventually make my way to them.
    More pictures!!!!

  2. MICHE!

    In that third-last picture… top right-hand corner… what is that glowing thing? A white bright glowing body of some sort? Please explain. Currently, out my window, it is so foggy I can hardly see the window itself…

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