I’m stuck in my pants

This morning, it seemed like it would be sort of gray and rainy, like yesterday. Happily/unfortunately, the sun broke out this afternoon, and we still had a ways to walk in our jeans. I actually don’t think I can take these jeans off now if I want to… so we’re just having a beer at the hostel and hoping for the best.

last night's dinner - gigantic omelette and wine.

We ended up going to the aquarium, and it was SO worth it, as the following photos should illustrate. It was $35 for the aquarium, and $49 to do the aquarium PLUS the “wildlife world” next door, so we figured we might as well go for the double-whammy. We took a free bus down there, so we were already ahead! I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Jabone and Nemo

the world's ugliest fish... and the most venomous.

with her people

aquarium joy!

new friend!

well... I can die happy now.

Jannine with one of the world's biggest crocs.

A highlight was definitely when the kangaroo attendant gave us kangaroo-petting tickets – as soon as the kids had all received theirs, we were next in line. Win.

yep, we did it - and didn't even have to beat up any little kids!


Jannine wouldn't let me bring a wallaby home - real or fake.

Alright. We’re off to have a beer and sample some kangaroo pizza next door. (Despite petting a live one mere hours ago, I feel little remorse about this. When in Sydney…)



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One response to “I’m stuck in my pants

  1. Kim

    LOVE the picture of Jannine with the… sharks? Manatee? I don’t know what it is but it’s AWESOME. Suuuppper jealous of your adventure and missing you tons!


    p.s. Those are most DEFinitely commandments.

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