num num

So it rains here, too, apparently.


We had another huge 12-hour sleep last night, and woke up this morning super excited to head to the markets and find some treats. Unfortunately, the intense WW2-style blackout curtains in our room prevented us from seeing the inclement weather until we got down to our coffee in the kitchen.


Oh well. I asked the girl behind the desk, “are we going to hate our lives if we go to Paddy’s Market in the rain?”
“Uh, well, it’s all indoors, so I’d doubt it.”


It’s kind of like an enormous indoor flea market with LOTS of crap, but some cheap souvenirs and a veggie market. We bought stuff to make omelettes for dinner tonight, and made our way back toward the hostel. We hadn’t made it far before we saw a huge theatre with WICKED posters all over it – but the Box Office prices were foolish, so we opted out.

This is for you, Court and Greg. I mean, your cast-iron pans are GOOD, but check these ones.

As we climbed up the narrow stone steps into The Rocks, we stumbled upon yet another market – The Rocks has a sort of high-end outdoor market on the weekends. We had already had our fill of marketing, but we took a lap, and I found candy. Win.

me with my ridiculous candy - nice tan, whitey. Also, I swear I look cooler when my bag is in back of me, and not hanging out in front so I look like I'm wearing a stupid fanny pack in photos. Ugh.

We’re thinking about the zoo tomorrow (thanks, Cailin!) but it’s KIND OF expensive, so we’re looking for alternatives as well. More soon! Much love.



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3 responses to “num num

  1. The price for the Zoo is definitely worth it! Hopefully it is sunny when you go though! Check around for the What’s Happening in Sydney books (i think that is what they are called) they always have tons of coupons, at least 15% off for the Zoo – anything helps! :)
    Also there will be coupons for the aquarium which isnt bad either :)

  2. Kim

    Sydney Aquarium is cool too. Not sure of the price, though!

  3. MICHE!

    Liz, I have never seen a cooler picture of ANYBODY than that glorious snapshot of time…

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