toes in the water, ass in the sand

Hey team,

Jabone and I arrived in Sydney yesterday after a relatively painless 25 hours in transit. We managed to time our sleep perfectly so that last night we went to bed at 7:30, this morning we woke up at 7:30, and the universe seems to be unfolding as it should.

view from the rooftop

The hostel is amazing – click here to check it out. Wicked rooftop patio! We yoga-ed and read up there for a while yesterday.

Jannine browning

The locals think we’re nuts – now that it’s winter, it’s ONLY 24 degrees here.

some yogs on the roof - my new (and best ever) mat

 But, don’t worry. We’re going up to Byron, and “it’s nice and warm up there.”  (I’m not kidding – in the lululemon store on George Street, which we visited yesterday, they had down jackets and vests for sale.)

coffee... IN A BAG

Today we sort of figured the bus thing out. It’s pretty foolproof, and there are kindly folk everywhere who are just itching to answer our cute questions. We made it out to Bondi Beach for the day, where we gawked at the turquoise water (the thrill of that never quite wears off for me!) and sunned ourselves like lizards.


The surfers seemed to be insanely territorial, and I saw them shoo many ill-informed swimmers out of their turf. We had all-day breakfast and a beer in a streetside cafe, and got some tips from our Canadian waitress.

Jabone's toes

There were actually some dolphins hopping around out there, too, which was a funny sight. The surfers had a harder time shooing them away. I managed not to get burnt – a major accomplishment for this fair-skinned maiden, and I MUST maintain the gradual freckling without a scorching burn. I still have nightmarish flashbacks to cold-showering myself during a sleepless night in Bali. I actually thought my skin was going to fall off.

celebrity spotting

We stopped in Bondi Junction on the way back into town so we could visit yet another lululemon store. It was teeny – more like a wittle showroom – and the girls were wicked. We picked up some cheap but delicious-looking sushi, took it back to the hostel, and downed it (with a bottle of pinot grigio, obviously) on the rooftop.



 It was really like a free show – thousands of HUGE bats (like probably 18 inch wingspans) were flying right over our heads, toward some apparently really tasty feeding grounds. Ryan – this made me think of our trip to Gunung Mulu, but with bats the size of cats. I loved it. Jannine was disgusted. (Mostly by how much I loved it.)


Tonight we read yoga books and fall asleep with beachy sand in our hair. Oh, life.


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3 responses to “toes in the water, ass in the sand

  1. Hey Liz!
    I see you made it to the YHA! Isn’t it great? One of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed in for sure :)
    I also see you made it to Bondi – They film this reality TV show there about the life savers called “Bondi Rescue” I’m addicted to it every time I’m there haha
    I forgot to tell you about the bats! They are ridiculous! Go to the Botanical Gardens near the Opera house around dusk and you can see them hanging off all of the trees, they are crazy.
    Be sure to check out Targona Zoo if you get a chance, by far the best Zoo I’ve ever been to! and it is just a quick ferry ride across the harbour.
    Have fun! :)

  2. Have so much fun hotness. Can’t wait to see all the you do and all that you see.


  3. Anniemac

    Sigh….I’m jealous already.

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