step one: toronto

Hello team,

After a lovely and celebratory few days in Halifax, I packed up and headed out. (FML note: camera gave up on me on Saturday morning, so I scooted out and bought a new one mere hours before jumping on a plane to Toronto.)

I left one of my good-looking brothers…

…and another one met me at YYZ.

I’ve been running around doing last-minute errand-type things, drinking beer with Nick, and trying to check in with some of my favourite Torontonians. (For example, I had breakfast with Taryn today! Such joy.)

This afternoon, I’ll take in a Level 1 class at Octopus Garden, the studio in the Annex where I went to my first EVER yoga class. (Appropriate, no?) And then I’ll meet Jannine at the airport at 6pm, probably squeal with excitement, and then sit still on an airplane for… 20 hours! (Awesome.)

Good news: I have LOTS of (mandatory) reading material for the flights. I started into Iyengar’s Light on Pranayama last night, and it might be slow going.

Bad news: I’m really very good at sleeping on planes. Like, I’m usually asleep before we leave the ground. This should be good.


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One response to “step one: toronto

  1. LIZ!
    what time is your class! I will go with you! I miss you!!!!!!!

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