life after the CGSE

Hello thrill-seekers,

I miss blogging! I got so used to documenting all of my activities in Vancouver, and now that I’m back to my regular (awesome) grind, I haven’t felt like I’m doing anything that warrants a post.

searching for treasures at Shag Head

But, if there’s anything I learned as a CGSE blogger for lululemon (well, let’s be honest, I learned a LOT), it’s that everything can be beautiful and blog-worthy if you make it that way.

Nick J visiting for Easter weekend

Here’s the news. I’m leaving in just over 2 weeks (!) for Australia to start my yoga teacher training in Byron Bay. It’s going to be tough and wonderful.

doggie walking with some of m favourite people

Then I’m back to the most beautiful place in the world for the summer! I’ll be working at lululemon again, teaching yoga at Pura Vida Yoga & Kayak, and generally soaking up summer in the Maritimes. Then it’s off to Acadia in September, where I’ll be starting my BEd! I will be the grade 3 teacher whom everyone remembers forever.

toes in the water

I’m back on the blog train now. Stay tuned. You can read about my Olympic adventures at my CGSE page, too.

It’s good to be back.


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  1. Ryan

    You Rock! Have an amazing time in Australia! I so wish I was able to do some sort of retreat before grad school…though your trip is going to be way more intensive than what I would like to do. Miss You and Lots of Love, –

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