I lied.

Hi lovelies!

I lied. Last time I blogged, I said I’d do it more often. I totally did not follow through, and I’m sorry!

But, I have exciting news. I entered a company-wide competition at lululemon in November. I made a video and wrote a blog about the Olympic spirit (without referring to the Olympics specifically – very sneaky), and was chosen as one of five blog artists! The company flew me to Vancouver and put me up in an apartment with the other bloggers, and I’m getting paid to share the spirit of Vancouver and the Olympics and lululemon with the world! I’m facebooking (look up Liz Australia – my alter-ego), tweeting (@lizcgse) and blogging on the lululemon site – click here to “meet the bloggers” and click here to read my first blog post!

Read read read! And post your ideas for an awesome challenge – I’ll document all my adventures and post them on the lululemon blog for all to see. EEEK!


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