up up and away.

Tomorrow’s the day I leave for Malaysia!  I’m going through Ottawa and through London and through Bahrain, and I’ll eventually end up in Kuala Lumpur. With any luck, I’ll be meeting Ryan at the airport there on Thursday :)

We’re planning to go to Bali for a while, to Malaysian Borneo for a few days (to Gunung Mulu Park – http://mulupark.com – it’s featured in the caves episode of BBC’s Planet Earth, as it has the world’s biggest caves!), and Manora, one of the other WWF Explore volunteers, is planning to come to KL at the end of our trip to explore the city with us. Too exciting!

I’m packed, I think. I didn’t want to check a bag, mostly because I don’t want to deal with waiting a hundred years for it at Heathrow, so I’m traveling REALLY light (lightly?) – I’m just taking a school-sized backpack. It’s pretty full, don’t get me wrong. But it’s one less thing to worry about while I’m flying across the planet. And besides, I don’t need a lot of clothes.  I’ve been checking the weather forecasts, and it’s looking like hot times ahead. Unfortunately, KL is expecting thunderstorms pretty much every day. But they’re the 30 degree Celsius kind. Bali should be beautiful, though. And in Borneo, we’re staying at the Park HQ, which is essentially in the middle of the rainforest, so I expect definite precipitation there.

Anyway, I’ll take many many photos, and I’ll try to keep a journal so that I can assure my dad that I wasn’t engaging in “high risk activities, like bungee-jumping”, and so that I can post the highlights here.

I also want to throw in a quick plug for Jamila – she’s the one with whom I shared a tent pretty much all summer in Mada. She’s just scored an amazing NGO placement with the Aga Khan Foundation, and she’s moving to Tajikistan! She is amazing. And she’s started a blog as well – http://jamilathelorax.wordpress.com . I’ll post the link on the sidebar of my page as well, so you can easily find it ALL the time.

Oh! And in my last entry, I was writing about a NS Department of Environment internship that I interviewed for – that Ecuador thing. I received a sad phone call from the coordinator shortly thereafter, and she said that the programme didn’t get the funding that they expected, and so the whole thing is cancelled this year. What a bummer, eh? I’m working on a plan B. Actually, at this point, I guess it’s plan…D? I feel that my luck has got to improve soon.

Happy spring! I’ll be back soon. And I want to wish Vicky safe travels too. She’s heading to Cambodia to visit her sister!


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