Hi again,

Alright, so I’m taking a break from stressing out and feeling sorry for Madagascar/myself. I’m going to meet Ryan in Kuala Lumpur in… about three weeks! We’ve both booked our flights and it’s totally exciting. I’ll be there for two weeks, and we’ll probably travel around Malaysia, maybe Bali, maybe Borneo… Don’t worry, this isn’t all of your Madagascar money that I’m traveling on! (And we’re still working on getting close to a thousand dollars back from South African Airways… #$%^!) I got a pretty good deal, and I’m in desperate need of an adventure – I was prepared for one in February, when I was supposed to leave, so I feel like I’ve been stagnantly waiting since then. This should be fantastic. I’ll take lots of photos.

I had an interview last week for a position as a volunteer in the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps, a program put on by the N.S. Dept of Environment and Canada World Youth. If I’m one of the chosen ones, I’ll get to do conservation projects around N.S. for two months or so (May and June), and then head to Ecuador to do projects until August. Fingers crossed! This would be such an amazing opportunity for me, and I’d love to spend the spring traveling around the best province in Canada. I’ve also been in touch with WWF, and we’re working on figuring out if/how I can still carry out some of the plans that you were all so kind to get behind – mostly environmental education for kiddies. I’ll let you know what happens! WWF was totally great for agreeing to pay my health insurance for my planned foray back to Vondrozo, and I really hope that we can still make something great of the opportunity. In case you haven’t been following the news in Madagascar, the opposition leader was recently sworn in as the new president. I’m not sure if things are getting better or worse, but at least the gridlock has loosened up. The new president is only 34 years old, though, which is a problem – the constitution says that a president must be at least 40. Anyway, it’s interesting to keep up on.

I’ll update again soon, but I’ll leave you with this image of sun-drenched Lawrencetown Beach, complete with nice waves and surfers. What you can’t see is that it’s about -8°C. Brrrrrrawesome.



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  1. Vay

    Ah, good to hear! I’ll be in Cambodia/Thailand around the same time you’ll be in Kuala Lumpur! Neat, eh? I hope you have fun! And I’ll have another donation for you in a few days ^^
    Don’t forget to report on here when you will be heading back to Madagascar, I at least (I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure they are too) can’t wait to know when!
    Thanks for the previous entry, too, it’s good to know where you are at this point.
    Always rooting for ya

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