Vicky speaks the truth.

Alright, it’s true that I’ve been posting shocking news updates with no corresponding commentary. My bad! Leave it to Vicky to call me out. I want to shout out to Vicky, though. She is pretty much my very oldest friend (I mean, we’re the same age, but our friendship is almost as old as we are), and she’s super supportive and loyal. I mean, we went to pre-school together at Mary Poppins Early Learning Academy. We were (almost) next door neighbours. We shared vacations (ski hills, cottages, beaches, and the streets of Paris and London) for years. I am lucky to have her! Here is a photo of us skating on the Bedford Basin in… I’m going to guess Jr. High, based on our outfits. My old house is on the far right, Vicky’s is directly behind us.


Anyway. Vicky is not one for mush, so I’ll cut it off there. But she’s right about my lack of real updates. So, here goes.

There has been a sudden power shift in Madagascar, from the president to the military to Rajoelina. I’m not really sure if that means that things are getting better or worse, but I’ll keep watching. I do know that Rajoelina is only 34 (or maybe 36), and the Malagasy constitution states that the president of the country must be at least 40 years old, and I know that the African Union was saying that they wouldn’t support anything “unconstitutional.” So, we’ll see. is a really good place for minute by minute updates, if you can read French!

BUT, the twist is that the Peace Corps have suspended the Madagascar program, and have pulled out of the country. They’re in South Africa right now, figuring out their next moves. Some will probably go home, and some will be re-posted elsewhere, so where Ryan goes will definitely have an effect on my plans. I have a few possibilities, and I’ll let y’all know when I have more details, but I really am dedicated to making this happen, especially since you all have been so generous and supportive, and you’ve helped me raise the money I need for this project. (Nasty letters and phone calls to South African Airways though, who have withheld $800 of my plane ticket refund. I’m working on that… Actually, more accurately, my mom is working on that. I know she’s nice, but she’s feisty!) And WWF has put so much into it for me already, paying my health insurance and putting up with (and channeling) my relentless enthusiasm. (Thanks Moia!) So, as it stands, I’m trying to find another way to make this happen and stick with the Explore Programme. I’ll let you know how things are progressing… for real this time.

(Thanks Vay!)

Much love,



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