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  1. Vay

    What affect does this have on your plans to head back? Are you going to have to push it back more, and if so by how much? I hope you can get back there soon, it seems like you’re hitting a huge road block here. Use this time to further train yourself and revise your plans/lessons/classes/examples (I’m trying to incorporate evertying you did last time, sorry) for when you get back? I really do hope you get there soon, I know how much you’ve been wanting to go =/ Expect another donation from me soon!! I can’t get you there sooner, but I can keep you there for as long as you want, even if it is only minimally.
    Also, does that mean Ryan has been evacuated as well and your other friends from Madagascar? You need to be more detailed with your updates, instead of just giving us news urls! How does this affect you and your friends? You can always email me I suppose, but I dont know when it happens except when you post on your blog here!
    I’m curious to know and wanting to help in any way I can! Please let me know Liz! I love you, you’re one of my oldest friends, and I want to get you to where you want to go by any means I can!
    Don’t feel too down, you have a lot of people routing for you, and I know you’re going to make them proud – you already have in my books!

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