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Hello friends and family and folks who are interested in my adventures,

I’ve realized that my last few posts have been links to news releases, which are helpful but impersonal. So, I will let you know what IIIIII have been up to!

I’ve been working like a maniac, mostly. It’s alright, and I’ve been making a fair bit of money, but I’m quite bored of it – when I arrived home in the fall, I was planning to be back in Madagascar in January. Then it was February, and now it’s…? This last month, though, has been particularly stressful. I was definitely ready to be there on Feb 13, as I had planned. It’s not that I’m sick of Halifax (I’m not, really, I love it), or of my family (I definitely love them!). I just need an adventure, and doing pointless work here isn’t doing it for me. Lately, though, every time I feel down and blah, I stand on my head, which gives me a new perspective and energy and rosy cheeks and a little rush. It’s a quick and temporary fix,  I know. But I’m pretty much on standby right now, waiting for WWF to tell me that I can safely go back to Vondrozo, and it’s hard for me to think longer-term than standing on my head because I’m really hoping that I’ll only be on standby for a short time – I don’t want to commit to a new job or a traveling adventure. I just really want to go to Madagascar. You know?

There’s lots of good news at the moment, though. Andry (the mayor/opposition leader) and Ravalomanana (president) actually met face to face (with mediators) and talked yesterday. I believe it was the first time they had actually spoken since this whole thing blew up. There have been rumours of a power-sharing type scenario. (I mean, hey, if Mugabe can do it…) And, from what I’ve been reading, especially on, it seems like everyone has had enough rioting and looting, and just wants to get back to regular life. (And I read that Andry and Ravalomanana agreed on that as well.) The Peace Corps have pretty much all gone back to their sites (except Ryan and a few volunteers from the south east, who hope to be back at site this week). WWF has posted on the Explore website  ( that the batch of volunteers who were supposed to begin on Feb 8 are now aiming for the second half of March, so I’m just waiting for the word, and I’ll re-book my flight.

There’s another little tidbit that I’ve been wanting to share. So, as you know, if you’ve been reading this blog, I’ve been raising funds for this adventure. I’m going back to Vondrozo to help start an environment club in the elementary school, which is especially exciting because I’m writing the curriculum myself, based on a lot of my Project WILD training and camp experiences. I’m also really excited to be working with the women’s group, and giving them whatever support they want for their projects. So far, based on my calculations, I’ve received $2 925 in donations from all of you wonderful people. I can’t express how grateful I am, really. I feel so supported, so loved, and so happy to know that you all have faith in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Misaotra. (And there’s still time to donate!)

Finally, just to remind you of a few of the beautiful reasons why I can’t wait to return to the Red Island, here’s the link to myMadagascar album on facebook. :)

I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. andriatsitohaina jaona

    Hi Elizabeth
    waow! you must really love Vondrozo.I read what you wrote after your first trip and I was coming back on your blog because I wanted to check some photos of the south east. well the situation at home is now not very good but I do hope they will come to an agreement soon.if you have a chance to stop by Manakara on your second trip, there is a medical doctor in Ambalavontaka who comes from the Vondrozo region, from a village called Ambalakazaha, he is right now working with an italian NGO called RTM. and he will be thrilled to know that someone is interested in his region.
    believe it or not but I am from the same village which as I already said earlier is not far from vondrozo and I just can’t help reading everything you and your friend write.for the time being, I am based in the US and your blog makes me really feel homesick.

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