Andry is a little much for me.

Anyway, I’ve been posting all these frustrating news blurbs, but I haven’t said much about how it affects me. WWF has told me that they’ve suspended all volunteer programmes until peace is restored, which is a bummer, but obviously necessary. I feel awful for the new group of Explore volunteers whose stint was scheduled to start tomorrow, but there’s so much uncertainty that I don’t blame WWF for not wanting to send in a group of confused young foreigners. I hope that everything clears up soon, for their sake and mine. And for Ryan’s sake, obviously. He’s safely stowed away with some other Peace Corps volunteers, still waiting. I’m sure it’s terribly boring, but here’s a photo that Marlin sent from Farafangana (remember the city where we spent my birthday week?) yesterday:avion-brnlc-3

It’s the attacked/burnt/demolished airplane of a trade minister who was visiting. It totally breaks my heart. But I’d be more upset (and afraid) if I was actually there.

So I’m sticking around Canada a bit longer than anticipated. Canceling my flight reservation was an incredibly upsetting moment for me, but I have chosen to look at this as an opportunity for more fund-raising before I head back. Huge love goes out to Will Buchner today. I have the most wonderful friends… like Jess Peverett, who sent me a donation that she and her friends collected at one of their get-togethers. I’ve cried a few times this week, both in despair and in joy.

I hope that you’re all well. I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on… as far as I know, all of the WWF folks and PCVs are safe. That’s the most important thing. À bientôt!

And check out Manora’s WWF page! (Look out for the shout out to yours truly…)



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