enough of that.

Hi again,

So, based on the spike on my readership graph, people have been checking my blog the past few days to keep up with the situation. I recommend that you check out the sites that Ryan has posted on his blog ( http://marshinmadagascar.blogspot.com/ ), especially  http://dropsmakewaves.blogspot.com/ , the blog of a former Peace Corps volunteer still living in Mada, if you want to keep up on the news. Ryan said that it seems pretty calm today in Tana, but there’s another demonstration scheduled for Saturday, so the ripples of that will determine his course of action and mine. I haven’t changed my flight yet; I’m waiting on that news. Keep your fingers crossed for a peaceful weekend and some level-headed political decisions… That’s what I’ll do.

It’s been an emotional week for me. Since before I even left Madagascar the first time, I’ve been working to get back there to pick up where I left off. To hear this news really punched me in the gut, and made me desperately afraid that I might not be able to get back. But, after much hand-wringing and pointless worrying (as I know that Ryan is safe, and I’ve heard from most of my contacts at WWF, who are also safe and waiting patiently), and a minor breakdown following a supportive hug from Ellen at lululemon this afternoon (those tears had been pricking my eyes for a few days), I’m going to be optimistic. Everyone is safe, that’s great. I know my mom’s glad that this happened before I got to Madagascar, and I guess I do have that to be thankful for. If I have to postpone my departure for a month (or two, or..?) that means I have even more time to raise funds, and less weeks to spend taking Lariam. (That reminds me, I need to call the pharmacy, who have been leaving me messages asking why I haven’t picked my stuff up yet. Yeesh…)

Anyway. Thanks to everyone who has been sending me concerned messages, keeping up on the news, and generally injecting positive energy into the past few days. I appreciate it more than I can say, really. I’m going to sweat it out at hot yoga tonight with Kim (hi Kim!!) to de-stress. I’ll pass the news along as I get it! Stay safe out there, kids.



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