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Hello all,

I apologize for the hiatus, and it’s good to be back. I’ve been working tons, but now I’m off for three days! Unbelievable. My parents are in Florida visiting, so I’m the substitute carpool driver this week, but I shall embrace it, as it will be a bit of a different routine in Vondrozo. I’m having a hard time picturing it, actually, especially since today Environment Canada was predicting a high temperature of -15°C. I just looked at the forecasts for Tana this week, and the highs range from 22 to 29°C! Yessss.

But, not all conditions are perfect. I understand that there’s some kind of civil upset in Tana, as the mayor and President Ravalomanana are in some sort of feud. Ryan said there was looting and other such exciting activity, like burning buildings and throngs of people out and about, making noise everywhere. So I’m waiting on news, and hoping that it will all blow over quickly. I’ll keep you posted.

Other than that hiccup, everything’s going well. I’m actually laying out piles of things that I want to take with me, and shifting them around and trying to make them look smaller. I really can’t wait to get there. This whole political thing is really upsetting, though it’s only been two or three days, so it’s possible that it will end as quickly as it began. We’ll see!

Oh, and my adventures in antimalarials have been really… interesting. The doctor advised me to take Lariam three days in a row to see how it affected my stomach. My stomach was alright, but the whole “vivid dream” thing isn’t a joke, I can tell you. My nights were not very restful, but I’m sure that taking it once a week will be less intense!

Alright. As of right now, the plan is still leaving from London on Feb.12. Until I hear more news, that’s all I’ve got! Stay safe out there, I’ll be back soon.


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One response to “breaking news

  1. Jeri

    Love reading your up-dates. You are a brave young woman. I wonder if I would have been as brave and as adventurous when I was your age…..seems like eons ago. I would hope I would be if the opportunity had been there. I do remember not having a fear of the unknown……….it is amazing how we change with age and children, children having been the biggest factor in becoming a cautious person. i will have to live through yours and I know eventually my adventurous son;-)
    Take care, enjoy the vivid dreams,
    P.S. Recieved your Thank-you Note…..Beautiful, Unnecessary and a one I will save!!

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