Hi everyone!

I apologize for my absence over the past while, but it’s nice to see that people have been checking nonetheless :)

SO, this has been a huge two weeks for me. First of all, I’ve been going to tons of yoga classes, and last week I held the bird of paradise pose for the first time! It looks like the photo below, but I definitely looked less cool the first time. I don’t know who this chick is… but it looks like she’s wearing lululemon!


Aaand, I also had an amazing crow pose at Breathing Space:


So fun. Okay, enough of that. I do feel wonderful, though.

On the 20th, I went to the Marquee with some old HGS friends to see Plants and Animals, a really great band from Montreal. The show (and the company) made me so happy. Christmas was also lovely. Tons of family and even more food and wine, and I scored a new raincoat! Woo! Boxing Day, my favourite day of the year, featured guest appearances by Katie and Vicky, and much Cranium was played.

A.J. left today to head back to Calgary, after spending a day here at Casa Johnson. We spent the evening at the Shoe Shop yesterday with Robyn, and left (to have nachos at the Wooden Monkey, twenty feet away) when we realized, at 10, that we’d been there since 4. Oops! Great company, great stories… So nice to see A.J. I hope to see him (and Robyn) visiting in Madagascar… I will hold you to that!


Yesterday was also exciting because… I booked my flight! I arrive in Tana on February 13th! Now I can actually start my countdown. I can’t WAIT! I also went to the travel doctor yesterday, and he pumped me full of hepatitis A, yellow fever, and measles/mumps/rubella. Grrreeeat. But yellow fever is good for ten years, and I figured I might have some more foreign adventures within that span, right? The only kicker was that there’s no rabies vaccination available in Canada or the US, there hasn’t been for a year and there won’t be for another six months at least. So I told Ryan that we can’t have a puppy. To which he replied, “what about kittens?”…

I’m totally floating on all the joy and excitement of the past few days. I want to throw out enormous thanks to the Cathy McKenna,Vicky and her parents, A.J. and his mom Jeri, Kirk & Beth, Auntie Kathy Darling, Ann Hawkins, Jamila, John Wowk, Ashley Browning, the Heenans, Doris Robbins, Gay Silverman and Tom John for their support. I knew that raising funds would be a challenge, and it is! But I’m so lucky to have this extensive network of family, friends, and friends of friends. If I haven’t thanked you all yet individually, I will very soon. I’m so grateful.

I have to run off to lululemon, but I’ll update again soooooooon. If I sound a little weirded-out, it’s probably because the doctor told me to take Lariam three days in a row to see how my stomach reacts to it… (Lariam is the anti-malarial that is known to give strange and vivid dreams.) Wish me luck! And, if you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time! :)

Love love love,




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2 responses to “ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaanges

  1. You rock. Glad to see that you’re having fun – and do try not to get Malaria, ok? lol My uncle got it once when he was working in Kenya and he’s still pissed off about it.

    Hope to talk to you soon, and I hope to get a postcard or a letter eventually! lol


  2. Vay

    It’s about time you updated!! Will you be updating while in Madagascar, or shall I have to hope you’re still alive and not eaten by lemurs? Great to hear you’ve got a countdown now, I’m excited for you! Go save the world :D

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