endings and beginnings

A very busy Sunday, indeed!

An afternoon at the toy store followed by an enormous 3-hour staff meeting at lululemon, during which Seth Daley (an Ashtanga instructor at the Yoga Loft and a lululemon ambassador) totally kicked our butts (actually, mostly our arms) with a bad-ass yoga sequence. It was totally enjoyable, and though I am bad with names, it was great to meet so many inspiring people.

We’re also working on a yoga challenge in which we’re trying to get at least one person from the store in each of the city’s yoga studios every day this month… Amazing! I feel better already.


Today’s installment is dedicated to the Mees! Thank you so much for your donation and your support (Mom#2 and Dad#2).

So my next moves are as follows:

– get a police check for visa purposes

– book flights for the end of January/beginning of February (I can go straight from Paris to Tana – amazing to skip the Jo-burg leg altogether)

– visit travel doctor to get typhoid booster, find out about rabies vaccination, and get a huge supply of Lariam – the anti-malarial that gives you wild dreams

– potentially fly to Ottawa for a day in January to go to the embassy and get my extendable visa ahead of time

Amazing! It’s all falling into place, especially now that I’m a volunteer with Explore again, so my health insurance is all covered, and I’ll be documenting my adventures for all the world to see again. And flights are going to be fairly reasonable, actually, since no tourists really go to Madagascar in February – it’s rainy season.

Can’t wait! I hope you are all well…


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