I’m so so pleased that Halifax is blanketed in snow. Things are picking up at the toy store (Santa’s as busy as I am these days), and, though I’m just getting started, the lululemon team seems so fantastic.

Chris J making dog trails in the back yard

Chris J making dog trails in the back yard

Fund-raising is going pretty slowly these days, though. (But a huge thanks to Tom John for his donation!) I know that we’re approaching the holiday season, and the world at large seems to be freaking out about all things financial. But I’m working hard, and I’m still optimistic. Oh, and here’s an extra-exciting piece of mail that I recently received:


Wow, that came out way larger than I anticipated. But it renewed my excitement, and I like to look at it and remember that they really do want me to be there, and that I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Aaand that I’m not going to let anyone down. And remember… donations will be rewarded with photos of cute Vondrozo kids and wonderful snail mail over the next year!

I hope you are all well. Totally send me an email, and tell me what you’re up to. .


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