eager beaver (that’s for you, Manora!)

Hi again all,

My mom has been telling me for a while that I should do this, but I keep forgetting! I know that not everyone is blog-literate, so I’ll explain a teeny bit how to read it. My latest post will always be at the top of the page, so, as my dad pointed out, to some folks it might seem like you’re reading back in time. Sigh. But I’ve divided my entries up into a few categories (Explore Programme Madagascar 2008, Back in Halifax Fall 2008), which you can see under “categories” in the menu on the right of the screen. To read about my time in Madagascar this past summer, click on the Explore Programme category, and it will take you to an archive of just those entries. I hope that helps!

It’s funny, I know that time always seems to be flying by faster than we’d like, but never has that been more true than now that I’m fund-raising with a deadline (albeit a self-imposed one). I’m working a million hours a week at the toy store, and on top of that, I’m starting at lululemon next week! I’m really looking forward to it, as I loved being part of the lulu world in Toronto. But yes, I will be on the go ALL the time. That’s how I like it. My biggest challenge this week has been making time to do yoga. And I need it more than ever!

So yes, I’ve been working oodles, but I’ve also been sending letters out into the world to ask/beg for donations. I’ve been looking around at organizations as well (I’ve sent a big fat envelope to the Rotary Club), and I’m entirely optimistic about this endeavour. It’s tough going, but I offer my most sincere thanks to those of you who have donated so far. I have a long way to go, but every little email I get from Paypal puts an extra spring in my step!

As the fall gets colder and my mittens become my constant companions, I am reminded often of the following photo, so I’ll leave you with this lovely image. (It’s the Gendarmerie on a gorgeous sunny day in Vondrozo, right across from Ryan’s house!)



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