today I was a robot.

Hello again fans,

Today is Halloween, and I took advantage by dressing as a silver-plated robot at the toy store. (Though, it was suggested to me that I look more like a “person from the future” than a robot… they said the same last year when I was supposed to be an Alpha from Brave New World. Uncultured swine…) I’ve been working tons lately, which has kept me super busy, but I managed to go to 20 hot yoga classes this month, which feels pretty wonderful. I feel on top of my game. And my Environmental Ethics class at Dal is going swimmingly – I’m currently writing my research paper on – what else? – the implementation of protected areas in Madagascar and subsequent effects on subsistence farmers. The coolest part is that I get to use our report as a source! (The paper that we wrote during our last days in Tana to analyze the data from our household surveys.)

In other news, Ryan’s in Fianarantsoa for a few days, and it’s exciting to hear about his adventures as a “gasy fotsy” (white Malagasy dude), since he hardly qualifies as a vazaha anymore. I can’t wait to get back to Madagascar! Ahhh.

And Sarah’s WWF page is up, too!

Hope that you’re all well, and please keep the donations coming! The universe will send good karma your way, you will receive photos of cute Vondrozo kids in the mail over the next year, and I will love you forever.


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  1. gasy fotsy

    freaking adorable. does that silver stuff make your eyes burn?

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