getting the word out!

Hello again!

Surprise donations from “long-lost” friends have reminded me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful, caring people. Thank you so much.

And, to those of you in the Halifax Grammar School community who found me through the Grammar Newscast, welcome! I hope that you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures on the other side of the planet, and that you’ll be inspired to help out. I’ll be updating this blog during my time in Madagascar (when I’m in the city, that is – Vondrozo has no internet… in fact, they only have electricity from 5pm to 11pm!), so you’ll be able to track my progress.

Environmental issues are certainly in the foreground these days – in politics, in consumer culture, and in the choices that we each make every day. I so enjoyed getting my hands (actually, it was mostly my feet!) dirty working toward sustainable development in Madagascar, and I can’t wait to head back and push even harder for change. And since I’ve started raising funds for this endeavour, I’ve realized that it really is true (however cliche it sounds!) that every little bit helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( ) if you have any questions about my projects.

Misaotra! (Thank you!)


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