Donate online!

There are many reasons why I love Vicky. This is the number one reason of the day!

You can now donate to my cause through Paypal, which is a really secure way to send money using credit cards or debit.  Hooray! As a reminder, I’m aiming to raise $10,000 CAD by January, so I can return to continue working with the WWF to promote sustainable forest management in Madagascar!

Thank you thank you thank you, and please, spread the word!


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  1. John Wowk

    Hey Liz.

    We haven’t talked in a while. But I’ll never forget our SOMA days and that crazy night we burnt all that garlic bread the first time we hung out.

    I guess I wanted to say that even though I can’t give you $10 000, I can give you something… and not only because I do believe in the work you’re doing and what you want to accomplish, but also because I think you’re the right person to do it.

    If you ever get the time, drop me a line.

    Best wishes, care, and stay safe.


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