Hi family!

I am safely home in Halifax, after a truly life-altering few months in “the land of baobabs, bugs, and big-ass thorns.” I would apologize for my awful blogging frequency, but the truth of the matter is that I didn’t even see a computer between May 26th and August 14th, so my absence on the inter-web was not due to neglect on my part. I still love you! So really, it’s time to stop crying yourselves to sleep. I will now fill you in on the last three months of my life.

I think the best way to do this is to read through my own journal, which I wrote in daily (with the exception of about five nights when I passed out before I could find my pajamas in my backpack), and give you the highlights reel. And the pictures, ohhh the pictures! I have some great shots that I’ll attempt to post as well, though I’m out of practice (to say the least) and technical glitches are to be expected. But I hope that I can express how much my time in Madagascar meant to me. I learned so much about “environment and development”, to put it academically. But mostly, I learned a great deal about myself, about people, and about what I might want to do with my life… at least the next few years of it.

Enjoy! And I hope to see you all soon… I’ll be in Halifax for the next few months, so you know where to find me if you just can’t resist seeing my cute face in real life. xoxo.


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