salut de Tana!

I found an internet place that actually has an English keyboard, increasing my productivity by about 300%!

Tana is beautiful, and I’d love to come back some day when I can actually choose my hotel – ours is certainly sufficient, but very basic, and some of them are pretty luxe! And not that expensive, though our concept of “expensive” has changed already after being here for three days. For example, for half an hour on the internet, I’m paying less than 2 euros (3 000 Ariary), which seems completely outrageous compared to the post office, which is about 20 Ar per minute. (Alas, it’s closed on Saturdays, of course.)

The food is unreal, though. We’ve sort of been treating ourselves, because we know that we’re going to be eating pretty much exclusively rice three times a day for the rest of the summer in the field. But try looking up these places on the internet: Patisserie Colbert (if we had any thoughts of wasting away over here, these pastries shattered those ideas), KuDeTa (I had a super zebu steak for about 3 Euros, it’s one of the nicest restaurants in Tana), and le Grill du Rova (a traditional malgache place at the top of the hill, with a beautiful view of the city).

The others are all wonderful. My French is improving greatly (in my journal, I find myself drifting from English to French and back), but I still have that nagging fear of saying something incomprehensible. But I suppose those are the best lessons.

I have to run (dinner reservations!), but the national mentality is “mora mora”, meaning “what’s the rush?”, so we’ll walk slowly.

Hope you are all well! xoxo


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  1. Mom

    We miss you,think about you every day and hope that you are happy and well! Lots of love, Mom, Dad,Nick and Chris (June 20th) XXX

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